Organic and Vegan Lavender Bentonite Clay Face mask

Organic and Vegan Lavender Bentonite Clay Face mask


calm | detoxify | enrich - for all skin types

organic english lavender flowers are hand ground and blended with our pure bentonite clay for a calming and beautifully aromatic experience


about bentonite clay:

bentonite clay is a 100% naturally occurring substance that the fremont indians used for health and wellness

traditionally a healing clay, bentonite is rich in minerals and at a molecular level, carries a negative ion charge that helps it attract and absorb toxins

wonderful as a facial mask, bath, treatment for bug bites, minor abrasions and more


patch test before use. avoid using metal for preparation.
start with 1 tsp of clay. slowly add water, 1 tsp at a time, mix. continue adding water until desired consistency is achieved. use fingers to gently apply to face and neck. after 10-20 minutes remove gently with a washcloth and warm water. directly follow with rosewater mist and moisturizer.

pure food grade bentonite clay (product of the usa), organic ground english lavender flower

product details:
powder form in glass jar
4 oz

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