Set of 7 Chakra Votive Candles

Set of 7 Chakra Votive Candles


Our Chakra Votive Set comes with one votive for each of the 7 chakra energy centers. Our lives are so hectic and stressful and it is common to become unbalanced in one area or another. These votives are a great way to bring your focus to that chakra, honor it and re-balance it. These are long burning, Reiki charged candles and should last at least 12+hrs, although we've seen them last up to 24hrs at a time. 

Red - Root Chakra - Grounding, Physical body, fight or flight
Orange - Sacral Chakra - Joy, Creativity, Sexuality, Happiness
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Will power, Self Worth, Self Confidence
Green - Heart Chakra - Love for ourselves, Love for Others, Unconditional love
Blue - Throat Chakra - Communication, Expression
Indigo - Third Eye - Intuition, Psychic Awareness
Purple - Crown Chakra - Spirituality, Connection the Divine, Universal Power

These votives measure 2" high x 1 3/4" diameter

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