Vegan and Organic Citrus Day Cream

Vegan and Organic Citrus Day Cream


citrus day cream details:

just a bit of our organic and vegan rare four oil blend goes a long way! 
our formulation of rare and highest quality ingredients is packed with nutrients to feed your skin and encourage a healthful complexion - and it won't clog your pores. 

sweet orange and lemon
add an uplifting boost of antioxidants to support your youthful glow

organic tamanu oil
has a myriad of cosmetic and medicinal uses, however we chose it for our cream specifically for it's uncanny ability to heal your skin. it is incredibly useful on new and old scars, and especially lovely for oily/acneic skin.

organic avocado oil
a highly emollient and highly penetrating substance that caters especially to the needs of dry, dehydrated, and mature skin. this oil boasts significant content of unsaturated fatty and essential fatty acids to help feed your skin. the naturally occurring vitamin a and e in avocado oil help smooth the texture of your skin. 

organic argan oil
a rare substance collected by meticulously pressing the fruit kernels of the moroccan argan tree. it is chock full of tocopherols and phenols, carotenes, squaline, and fatty acids, making it a truly luxurious oil that is wonderfully and easily absorbed into your skin.

organic jojoba oil has a makeup very similar to the sebum that our body normally produces, contributing to it's wonderful ability to be absorbed by the skin.



massage onto face, neck, and anywhere else your skin needs some extra love.

as with any new product, consider patch testing before use. 

ingredients: purified water, raw organic shea butter and coconut oil, organic oils of tamanu, avocado, argan, and jojoba, vegan emulsifying wax,organic essential oils of sweet orange and lemon

product details:
2 oz glass jar

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